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Dr. Orvis of Hereford Haven
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Elected to the Hall of Fame for Great Westerners: Dr. Orvis.

"Does the Mex know what ails the bulI' Dr. Orvis asked. Captain Pitts shrugged his shoulders. He rescinded his order and the wrangler shoved his rifle back into his boot. "Adios," Pitts said, reining his horse around. "We're going back."

"Wait," Chihuahua cried, He gestured at the new sign board that stated: PADRE SPRING, INSPECTED WATER ON RE- MOUNT RANGE, and added, "What say, Amigo?"

Pitts made a gesture at the bull and explained in Spanish, whereupon the Mexican riders bolstered their weapons and charged away from the vicinity on running mounts, Chihuahua in the lead.

Pitts explained. He had told them the sign warned people that the spring had been cursed by an Indian witch. The bull must have drunk of the water. Evidently their horses had, too, and they wanted to get back to the ranch before the curse took effect.

The bull died and its remains were burned to cinders.

Next Orvis tried central California. It cost eighteen dollars to land him in fabulous San Francisco. He liked the change in people, climate, and countryside and asked about the farm and ranch area. It was eastward, among the uplands and foothills, the rivers and the mesas.

One night Orvis paid a ten cent fare to cross the bay. He passed through a lamp-lighted doorway to the darkened docks beyond where ships were ing and, being misinformed, went the wrong gangplank. The ship out and when the lights astern Dr. Orvis learned he was on river freighter heading inland. on board so Orvis spent the gazing, dozing, and walking the By morning light he got his of the mother lode country upward toward the dark Sierra range.

The ship pulled up to a wharf to load cargo and Orvis stepped ashore Stockton. This progressive looking ing region, Dr. C.B. Orvis decided to give fession a trial in this verdant The Doaks made with office quarters. S.A. Doaks Orvis acquainted with the country mers and customers became personality Dr. Orvis was accepted citizen whom everyone "Doc.,,

Regional economy in the mother farming, livestock, and industrial prises of various types. It was also sheep, hog, and chicken raising 24 numerous and lacked value and Here, as farther south, it was a man's world. Horses were the car tractor power of the times. Fine of horseflesh were raised for polo, racing, show, fair, and the carriage, coaching, and trades.

The horse business was the mainstay of the veterinary service.

With a practice established Dr. opened new, more impressive on a business street around the corner from Doaks' livery barn. The new office had room for medical stocks, laboratory equipment, and a pet hospital facility.

The new business card read: Dr. Orvis, Veterinary-Surgeon-Dentist, Lafayette Street, Stockton, California.

In 1880 Dr. Orvis met with practitioners in a hotel at and the group organized the State Veterinary Medical Orvis received one of the first issued in the state, and on the Association's Examining By stressing strict qualifications many horse doctoring quacks were weeded out of the livestock field.  

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